Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is your library worth?

We are doing the best we can at Jacksonville Public Library to get the word out to the public about how much they will lose if they allow City Council to push through the huge budget cuts we are facing for fiscal year 2011-12 (which starts October 1st).

One of our approaches is the legal-sized flyer illustrated below.

[This link and the image below both go to a Google Docs PDF version of the flyer.]

PDF on Google DocsAnother approach is tied in with the current celebration of National Library Week 2011.

We <3 JPLWe have created a blog, We <3 JPL, as a way to promote what we are about. Pay special attention to the Budget Cuts and Support Us links.

If JPL is your library, I encourage you to spread this blog post and the links in it widely.

If your public library is elsewhere, you still need to do everything you can—out loud, in public—to support it.


Footnote: The Friday, April 15th, post on We <3 JPL is How YOU can advocate the JPL. I encourage you to read, share and act upon this information.

Thanks again.

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Surly Librarian said...

Be sure to go back and look at the post titled Market fundamentalism.