Thursday, May 5, 2011

State Aid to Public Libraries Funded at $21.3 Million – You Did It Again!!!

Thanks to the huge response from library supporters, Florida's legislators have not only restored the $21.2 million budget item for state aid to public libraries—which they had intended to zero out—they added $100,000 to the amount!

We not only need to celebrate but also to take heart: public advocacy can have an impact.

We also need to thank all those legislators and public officials who acted to restore the funds. You can do so through the Florida Library Association website here.

I'm going to post in full the announcement from Florida Library Association:

State Aid to Public Libraries Funded at $21.3 Million – You Did It Again!!!

It Is Time to Thank Our Legislators and Governor for Supporting Florida Libraries!

Florida library advocates have done it more time! This morning Senate and House Budget Chairs approved funding State Aid to Public Libraries at $21.3 million. This is actually an increase of $100,000 over the current year.

Many, many thanks to the members of the Florida House and Senate for including this funding in their proposed budget and to Governor Scott for supporting State Aid in his budget earlier this year.

We all know that these are very difficult times for Florida’s economy and the state budget and this makes us all the more grateful!

This comes as a tremendous validation of the essential role that public libraries play in Florida communities! It is clear that the legislature and state leaders understand the how libraries are helping Floridians find and apply for jobs; obtain needed E-Government Services; provide access to technology and training and coaching in its use; help very young children with early learning; and provide Floridians with books and materials when household budgets are lean.

Once again the funding was settled late in budget process, and we had some scary moments, but our friends and champions in the legislature just would not quit. It was clear throughout the last few months that legislators wanted to fund libraries, and they found a way. It’s time to thank them one and all for this wonderful support!

The biggest thanks go to Florida’s wonderful community of library advocates! Once again, you came through when we needed you, and you showed legislators and state leaders the overwhelming support that Floridians have for their libraries. And your positive supporting communications built an overwhelming sense of goodwill.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now please join us in thanking our legislators and leaders for a job well done!
Thanks again,

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