Monday, February 27, 2012

"Check It Out: Independent Library Funding": A study by JCCI

In a number of my earlier posts I've written about the chronic challenge to Jacksonville Public Library and other public libraries due to our being tied the political vaguaries of the annual City budget process.

One approach that our Board of Library Trustees is taking, thanks to the guidance of the Capacity Plan done for us in 2011, is to seek "stable, reliable, and sustainable funding mechanisms" outside of the City's regular general funding stream.

Now Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI), a strong advocate for numerous efforts to improve quality of life in Jacksonville, is starting a new study of this matter.

Check It Out: Independent Library Funding: A study by JCCI
Community Works, the consulting arm of JCCI, is pleased to announce its next project, Check It Out: Independent Library Funding, a study that will examine the question: Should the Jacksonville Public Library system become funded independently from the City of Jacksonville? Community Works is inviting the public to join this study.

The study will be chaired by Jim Stevenson, Vice President of Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Military, Public Safety and Security Division and JCCI Board Member, and Walt Bussells, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for GreenPointe Holdings, LLC.

The study is receiving funding support from Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library Inc., the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation, and JCCI donors.

JCCI's previous studies have had significant impact on public policy. Let's hope the same thing happens in this case.

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