Monday, May 7, 2012

Library Journal: "After Funding Veto, Florida’s Library Cooperatives Stretched Thin"

Continuing last Monday's story about Gov. Scott's unexplained, unjustifiable veto of state funding for Florida's library cooperatives, reported in Library Journal Online:
“I’m running on fumes for the upcoming year,” SWFLN Director Luly Castro told LJ, noting that the organization did not receive federal funding for the current year. “Right now, I’m operating on this one particular program that the governor vetoed. If I’m unsuccessful in restoring some of that federal grant funding effective October 1, this loss of funding…may not keep me open for the entire [2012-2013] fiscal year.”

MLCs Veto flyer[Multitype Library Cooperatives (MLCs)] don’t have the public visibility of local libraries, but as Castro and other MLC leaders pointed out, these organizations provide vital support services. The MLCs coordinate Florida’s statewide interlibrary loan program, its statewide library delivery service, and the reciprocal borrowing agreements that allow Floridians to check out books from libraries outside of their own communities.

The MLCs also provide database maintenance and OCLC cataloging support services—especially to smaller libraries—to ensure that patrons can locate new materials both at their local library and throughout the state’s network. And, the organizations run continuing education programs that many of the state’s librarians depend on to stay up-to-date with current technologies or learn other new ways to provide services to their local communities
Read the rest of this story in Library Journal Online.

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