Monday, July 22, 2013

More on Miami-Dade Library closures

Here are two updates on the Miami-Dade Library situation.

First, from Charlie Parker, Executive Director at TBLC:

Miami Dade Public Libraries - Advocates trying to persuade Commissioners to reverse decision @ July 30th Meeting.

It is my understanding that Miami Dade Public Library advocates are making a push to persuade the Commission to reverse their decision of last Tuesday that would result in closing 22 libraries and laying off 251 staff.

The Commission meets next on Tuesday, July 30th which I understand is their last opportunity to reverse their vote before the millage is set for the August TRIM notices. After setting the millage the Commission can reduce it but cannot increase it before final budget approval in September.

This means that advocates have until Tuesday, July 30th to persuade the Commissioners.

You can follow advocates' efforts at... 
 A point that is not often made in news accounts is that 2 years ago 300 positions were eliminated and the library's millage was cut by 50%.

Second, from Laura Spears, Research Associate at Information Policy and Use Management Institute at Florida State University:
To piggy back on Charlie Parker's email, please see the very powerful message provided by the iMapLibraries project!

You can see all of the critical activities and services that will be lost if this action is not reversed. Use data to make a polite but firm point: libraries make a difference in people's lives.

Check out the blog post and be sure to follow the Facebook page, Save the Miami Dade Public Libraries!

Thanks for your support!

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