Thursday, July 3, 2008

#5 Discover Flickr: or, More adventures in neo-Luddism

This has taken a lot of doing.

I decided to try the second version of the assignment:

...create a Free account in Flickr and use your digital camera.... Upload these to your Flickr account.... Then create a post in your blog about your photo and experience. Be sure to include the image in your post. Once you have a Flickr account, you have two options for doing this: through Flickr's blogging tool or using Blogger's photo upload feature.

Flickr doesn't want you to see this without logging inI'm used to blogging with Blogger, though I usually just upload images from my harddrive or flashdrive.

I thought that all I needed to do was use the Blogger photo upload, with its "image from the web" option.
Apparently Flickr doesn't like this. I put my photo URL into the Blogger URL field and uploaded.

What I got was this:

You have to click on the empty box, and then Flickr asks you to log in.

I'm probably still missing something, but I next tried the other route, starting in Flickr and using the BLOG THIS feature.

The catch here was that I hadn't configured my "external blog" (that is, this one), so I had to do that first.


Then I found out that all my photos were still set for Private, even though I had changed the default privacy setting to Public.

It seems that changing your default only applies to future uploads. I haven't found a way to do bulk resetting of privacy codes (or copyright licensing).


Now I have to create a blog entry using the BLOG THIS feature.

Bleegh! Flickr creates a new blog entry, so I have to open that one, copy the code for the image, and past it into this post.

Two Lilies
Two Lilies
Originally uploaded by Mike Shell

And it forces a default format...which doesn't display quite the way it says it will...and which I can't change from post to post.


[Can you tell I'm fussy? I like Flickr, but this process is waaay too cumbersome for a librarian.]

Anyway, here's the photo.

At Mohonk Mountain House, where my spouse Jim and I went for vacation last July, one climbs a cliff (by stairs, of course) to find a watchtower and, behind it, a man-made lily pond.

This is one of my favorite shots from the pond. I usually have it as wallpaper on my PC.

Hope you like it.

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Stephanie Race said...

Mike - I love the photo. And I'm really enjoying the blog.