Wednesday, July 9, 2008

#8: RSS and Bloglines

I've actually been using Bloglines for about two years.

NEFLIN had a course in 2006 called "Social Software in Libraries," which introduced us to blogging, RSS and newsreaders, wikis, etc. That's when I first entered the "blogosphere."

I currently subscribe to about two dozen blogs: comics, political blogs, Quaker blogs, library blogs and others.

I just went through the process of marking each as either Public or Private, and I tried to create a blogroll on this blog, or at least to have a URL by which I could give access to my public Blogline's account.

Unfortunately, both methods show the titles of folders which have private subscriptions. I haven't found a way to block the folder names, so I'm not making any of this public for now.

I'll keep trying....


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