Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Librarians' Internet Index

I don't think I mentioned this blog in any of my earlier posts, but Librarians' Internet Index: New this Week is an excellent RSS feed to subscribe to.

Each week you get about twenty or so links to professionally vetted websites, with annotations. Great reference resources.

Here are some of the ones I've saved recently:

  • The Politics of Satire - This small slide show features a "collection of political covers by New Yorker illustrator Barry Blitt," including the controversial July 21, 2008, cover depicting Barack and Michelle Obama, and others addressing topics such as the George W. Bush Administration, global warming, and Hillary Clinton. From the New Yorker.

  • Listen to Nature: The Language of Birds - "[A]n introduction to how, why and when birds communicate, illustrated with sound samples, including Alex the famous talking parrot." Features essays and sound clips on topics such as songs (including vocal appropriation and duetting), calls (of young birds and as deceitful mimicry), bird to man communication, birds that talk to themselves, nature or nurture (including "talking birds"), and human appreciation of bird songs. Includes a short bibliography. From the British Library.

  • Water Calculator - This site helps you calculate residential water use per day. Covers source of water supply, and water use in the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors (including landscaping, washing a car, and swimming pools). Results include suggestions for reducing water use. Also includes links to water conservation tips and related material. From the National Wildlife Federation.

A great tool!


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