Thursday, September 25, 2008

Library Blogging by Karen Coombs and Jason Griffey

Library Blogging, by Karen Coombs and Jason GriffeyThere's a new book, Library Blogging by Karen Coombs and Jason Griffey, which is highly recommended by Michael Stephens in Tame the Web.

I haven't looked at it myself, yet, but I value TTW's opinions. Here's a little of what Stephens writes:

If you are starting a blogging project in your library or teaching blogging, I’d recommend this one for sure as an up to date choice. I’ll be using it as a classroom resource in my teaching.

For more, visit Library Blogging and add the feed to keep up with additions to the examples used in the book.

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Carrie said...

LOL This is great! I wish we could do something like that. We all need humor to get through the day. This would be killer!