Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay. I've never tried to use OverDrive myself for a few simple reasons:

  • I still have only dialup at home

  • My 'Net connection has been on the fritz for months. I can login, but my browser can't find any sites. :-(

  • I don't listening to books. I read books.

Guess which one is my main reason.

But, I think it's excellent that JPL makes this resource available for customers.

In order to try it out, I've downloaded the OverDrive console onto my workstation in the Call Center workroom at Main. It took a while to get through all the downloads and updates and googaas, and whatchmacallems....

But then I searched for a scifi/fantasy book I hadn't seen yet.

This collection doesn't have much at all by my favorite authors: Kim Stanley Robinson, Greg Bear, William Gibson, Orson Scott Card, Robin Hobbs. It's looks like it's more classicals and maybe a few best sellers. Oh, well....

I chose Christopher Priest's The Prestige, since I missed the movie and wanted to get a sense of how this technology works.

The Prestige, by Christoper PriestCatch is: I'm at work. When am I going to listen to 12+ hours of someone reading a book?

I'll try it out, at least. Then I'll know better what customers are dealing with.

Neat least in theory.


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