Thursday, October 2, 2008

LII: This Week

Librarians' Internet Index: New This Week has some helpful recommendations today.

First is this, about absentee voting:

  • Absentee Voter Guide - "This guide contains all the information college students need to vote by absentee ballot from school." Click on the interactive U.S. map to view absentee voting details for each state, including deadlines, dates, and contacts. Also available as a downloadable document. From the Harvard University Institute of Politics.
Next, two sites about law resources:

  • The Public Library of Law (PLoL) - Free access to selected U.S. legal materials. Includes cases from the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Courts back to 1950, state courts back to 1997, federal statutes, codes from all 50 states, and more. Includes tutorials on finding a case and searching for statutes. Requires free registration to view cases. Additional material available for a fee. From an online legal research provider.

  • American Bar Association (ABA): Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service - Website for this "national source of information, resources and assistance to support, facilitate, and expand the delivery of pro bono legal assistance." Features details about committee projects, publications, policies and rules, and related material. Also includes information about the first annual National Pro Bono Celebration, planned for the last week of October 2009. From the American Bar Association (ABA).

There's much more, but these are the ones which caught my eye in regard to our reference needs.


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