Monday, November 2, 2009

On the other hand....

First thing every morning, our street people regulars get their only exercise for the they race each other up the Grand Stairway to Periodicals to get the three copies of the local paper and the one USA Today.

Thereafter, it's a matter of rotation for turns. They watch each other like hawks...vultures?...till someone returns a copy to the desk. And new arrivals glance under the desk where they know we keep the papers and shrug.

Just a moment ago, though, there was a comic twist to the usual with a new arrival.

He glanced under the desk, saw no papers, and shrugged.

Then he saw what looked like a paper lying on the desk.

"What's this?" he asked.

As soon as he realized that it was the Sunday Classified Job Listings, though, he waved his hand dismissively and went on over to the armchairs.

JobsAh, public service!

Can I go home now?

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Diana said...

I remember an actual fistfight over Valueline years back

Good times!