Monday, February 13, 2012

Book of the month club

Okay, I can't resist sharing this one:

Schmelvis: In Search of Elvis Presley's Jewish Roots
The blurb says:

Schmelvis: King of Jerusalem
It's a little-known fact that Elvis Presley—the most Christian icon of American pop culture—was Jewish. This book provides a behind-the-scenes account of the authors' search, from Israel to Graceland, to find the true roots of the King.

With the help of a Hasidic Jewish Elvis impersonator, Dan Hartel, who performs at senior citizens' homes under the stage name “Schmelvis,” and an eccentric Orthodox rabbi named Reuben Poupko, the authors trace Elvis's Jewish roots all the way to Israel.
Don't know yet whether or not this is a spoof, but it certainly is a stitch. To make it even better, here's a link to the documentary.

And, adding insult to injury...

...Elvis in Jerusalem: Post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel, by Tom Segev, translated by Haim Watzman.

Elvis in Jerusalem: Post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel
As the Middle East conflict enters its most violent phase, Tom Segev offers a lively, contentious polemic against cherished and rigid notions of Israel's national unity and culture

Enough, now. Lunch time is over.

Back to work.


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