Friday, October 31, 2008

Can I go home now (Case #2)

This week we have a guest case, from Brian Herzog of Swiss Army Librarian.

Brian's entry:

Patron: I’ve never used a computer before, so can you help me find a job on craigslist?

Sigh. For non-reference librarians, here’s why this simple request is especially hard:

  • Almost any kind of job-related request can be difficult
  • Most of the job resources available in the library are online, so having no computer experience is automatically a setback

  • Craigslist? It is certainly a valid job search tool, but there are other places I’d be more comfortable starting off a computer novice (she never did tell me how she got referred to craigslist)
Sigh! is right.

Brian follows with a good explanation of why this is not the "teaching moment" some might think it is. But he also advocates for public libraries to find some solutions to the challenge.

Thanks, Brian.


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